A word about respect out of respect for you!!

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A big thank you for responding in big numbers to my post about respect on London Massage Book. A delicate but very relevant subject in this business. And one that is so easily forgotten.

One respondent said it is also about respect for the client. That is very true. If the provider has no respect for the client it will be impossible

why you should enjoy an erotic massage?

Reason to Experience the Ultimate Seduction with Eros

Do you need a reason to overcome your mind and follow your feeling to enjoy an erotic massage? Let us give you some!

In this world of stressful life and lifestyle, it is obvious for people to look for fun opportunities or some moments of pleasure as well as relaxation. For this reason, massaging is considered as highly effective. It heals your mind,

enjoy the benefit of erotic massage session

Reason for Experience an Erotic Massage

Many people have a misleading idea about the erotic massage that it is purely an ‘entertainment’ , but in fact due to many studies, enjoy erotic massage could have many benefits!

What is the benefit of having an erotic massage treatment at Eros London?

Do you want to experience a deeper level of sexuality? A full body contact massage will help you understand how your sexuality influences your

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I need your questions!

Hi guys I need your questions!. I have been working on Eros blog for over one year now and I am running out of questions to ask myself. Ha ha ha!

Every week I get emails from people saying that they love the blog and I am very happy about this, but come on, I need more participation! Do not be shy – if you have a question or a curiosity just drop

Korean massage based in London, by Eros

New Korean Massage in London

Korean session massage performed by Korean hostess at Eros massage parlor in London, United Kingdom in 2017 Very different with Nuru massage or Thai massage, Korean massage has became the new trend in the UK adult entertainment industry and especially in London is the erotic Asian massage performed by Asian girls. Hundreds of massage parlors especially Korean, Japanese, Chinese and Thai have opened recently in the city and are very popular all around the city.
Lunar new year 2017 with Eros Massage at London!

Celebrate with Lunar new year 2017 with Eros!

Hello Dear Eros Lovers,

We at Eros massage London had a great year in 2016, here is what we’ve achieved in last year: we opened 2 new massage parlour branches in central London (Victoria branch & Marylebone Branch); we expand our outcall

Core Differences Between Escort Meetings and erotic massages

In London, both escort meetings (or dating) and erotic massages often get thrown under the same umbrella but there are actually key differences in what the two offer. In London, there are many people that have booked

London Tantric Massage: Hot Massage that Warm You Up

London's winter is chilly and wet. If you want to have a HOT time in London's winter, the Eros Tantric massage could help you.

Christmas Massage

Merry Christmas!

Christmas massage by Eros: Impeccable options for the customers in London

Arrival of the Christmas is marked by festivities and numerous discounts at the stores that attract the attention of the people. Couple looking to relax can opt for Christmas massage, a wonderful experience with the hot waters of spa flowing over the body and absorbing the dust

Thank you , and we will do better!

Dear customers , Thanks for your support for last 2 years, we have grown a lot and have more sessions to offer, In return of your love, we will do our best to offer customers with much better massages.

A little about our name

Eros in Greek mythology, was the Greek god of love & sex. His Roman counterpart was Cupid (“desire”). Some myths make him a primordial