A word about respect out of respect for you!!

Hello everybody!

A big thank you for responding in big numbers to my post about respect on London Massage Book. A delicate but very relevant subject in this business. And one that is so easily forgotten.

One respondent said it is also about respect for the client. That is very true. If the provider has no respect for the client it will be impossible to have a good session. Only when there is mutual respect between both of us you will have a great time and hopefully leave with a smile on your face!

As always I was moved by how open you all are when responding. That deserves my deepest respect. Thank you.

One respondent spoke about how women are treated in his culture and how this complicates things. I was very impressed by this post. I can imagine it is not always easy to show your obedience in such a culture while at the same time you are trying to think about your self and your personal needs.

Another thing that came forward in a couple of posts was the fact that we all need to deserve our respect. A provider who gives a bad service can’t expect to be loved and respected by her clients. That is simply not going to work. As they say: “It takes two to Tango!”

All I can say is that I feel respectful to who ever comes to see me and I will do my utmost to provide you all with the best possible service!

Thank you so much everybody!

Sincerely yours,


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  1. Charlie
    Charlie says:

    My ideal lady service provider is one who, when you first see her, starts showing big potential, but is reserved in the service she provides, and then, during subsequent visits,the client and service provider get used to each other’s likes and limits, and the whole appointment develops within the comfort zone of the service provider, to the increased enjoyment of the client. But something, however remote, has to click from the start.

    This has happened to me with about 5 service providers.

    How the hell can you develop a good client/provider relationship if you have no respect for the service provider?

    If the lady is to give you the service you want, and we all like different things, then you have to get to know each other, and mutual respect is a major part of the developing relationship.

    If the client were to push the lady to beyond her comfort zone in the first appointment, it is not going to work. You have to respect the lady’s limits, keep her within her comfort zone, and let her develop the limits of the appointment to keep the client returning. If she is not making the appointment interesting, and slightly varying the service to cater for your needs, then she is not gong to get your repeat business.

    If the lady is not getting repeat business, she will soon run out of clients, and she must be doing something wrong.

    As with restaurants, if they provide a good service, their regulars will return. If the menu remains the same, and it is not that special, the consumer will move on.

    So, in my opinion, respect for the lady is of utmost importance, to get her to provide the service you want within her comfort zone. If she is pushed beyond her comfort zone, by lack of respect, then it will soon stop, to the disadvantage of both client and provider.

    As for the name of the provider, Escort seemed to be the replacement for Prostitute for a FS provider, to make it sound better. I don’t think “masseuse” or “sensual masseuse” needs any changing, as it describes exactly what she does. There is a huge range of sexual service that ladies provide to men, and to lump them all together and call them all “Prostitute” is a bit like calling all people who earn their living from anything to do with enforcing the law, “a copper” even if he is a judge, a barrister, a solicitor, a prison officer, or anyone in the police force. Prostitute is a term of derision, and comes from the Latin words “pro” on behalf of, and “statuare” to stand, so the prostitute stands on behalf of,or in the place of a wife or girlfriend.

    Well that is my opinion on the matter.

    Charlie B.

  2. Paul.O
    Paul.O says:

    Respect is the starting point for any relationship and hopefully develop into trust over time.
    I guess Rami is concerned from her perspective as the provider, but respect is also an issue for us as clients – we all have our inner doubts and insecurities that we need to deal with.
    Don’t put up with any disrespect Hana – there are plenty of decent guys that value your service greatly.

  3. Alan R
    Alan R says:

    I was thinking through the masseuses that I have seen more than two times, and I can honestly say that I have not seen any lady more than twice, unless I have respect for her, and the service she provides to me.

    That mutual respect is essential to me, as I don’t want to see a masseuse regularly unless I can respect her, and the service she provides.

    I would expect her to have the same values.

    Alan R

  4. Andy
    Andy says:

    How can you not have respect for someone who goes out of their way to welcome you to her home, and provide you with an amazing experience?

    Hana, you say we are all equal. Well we all start off equal, but there are some who just cannot be bothered to work, and who live off the state. There are others who just turn up to work, and make no effort, and there are others who, whatever business they are in, they try hard to do their best at that job.

    For me, it is only those in the last category who deserve respect.

    So whatever particular name you want to give to your branch of the profession, you have my total respect, as you always make me welcome, and make the appointment a very special time for me. Thank you Hana, respect and appreciation.

    • Fred
      Fred says:

      Unfortunately respect for any service provider in just about any profession, these days, is a very rare commodity.

      Respect is defined as “a feeling of deep admiration for someone or something elicited by their abilities, qualities, or achievements.”


      “due regard for the feelings, wishes, or rights of others”.

      Yes, I think that given those definitions, You definitely deserves a lot of respect.

      There are many other service providers in the sex industry who do not deserve respect.

      Respect is earned by achievement. I think a lot of boxes have been ticked to achieve respect here.

      Fred M.


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