Sexual Healing of Eros Tantric Massage For Men

For any kind of sexual healing our London Tantric massage is invaluable. This therapy is one of the most direct, effective and quickest ways to give sexual healing to men.

Sexual trauma, sexual problems, difficulties and anxieties are holistic and multi-dimensional in nature, never just physical, and they usually take years to develop. The fertile ground for sexual scarring is created by things like religious upbringing, strict parenting, absence of sexual education and social conditioning. On this ground, our sexual experiences often develop into networks of sexual negativity, atrophy of sensuality and distortion of sexual energy.

sexual healing session is as important as workout

sexual healing session is as important as workout

Light Sexual Healing

With very few exceptions, even without any obvious sexual trauma, we are all in need of sexual healing, this is just the wear and tear of life in our sexually confused society. Imagine bodybuilders – even if they dont suffer any serious injuries, the filaments of their muscles carry millions of micro-scars deep inside, and this is impossible to avoid. In the same way, even if we consider ourselves sexually healthy our sensual bodies have often accumulated micro-trauma from our sexual experiences. Our sex life is often not as good as we would like it to be, due to little understanding of sexuality and lack of harmony between Women and Men. This creates permanent conflict on physical and emotional levels. We were never too informed on how we should embrace our sexual energy and let it flow freely, and now this flow is further distorted by negative blockages, bad habits, decreased sensuality and sensitivity. Men are much more in need of sexual healing than women.

Sometimes this distortion results in what we call sexual dysfunctions and deviations, or may lead to sexual trauma. Other times we go on as normal, unaware of our need for sexual healing, but we feel unfulfilled in our sex lives and can’t understand why we are not happy. The sexual energy is not flowing right and this affects not just our sex lives but our whole well-being.

Eros Tantric massage at London is a very direct route to the cause of this confusion. Without having to work out all the complicated psychological issues, we can just go from the reality of the body and open ourselves to the correct flow of sexual energy. The energy will then correct everything itself, it is wiser than you, you just need to open yourself to it. Your whole sexual system will get refreshed and revitalised. The blockages will be cleared out and your sensitivity will start blossoming again. The experience of Tantric massage will also gently dissolve your negative mental-emotional patterns and conditioning, at the same time showing you how to avoid them in future.

The ideal way would be, of course, for both partners to give each other this experience in love and support, and I teach couples to do this in Tuition Sessions. But if this option is unavailable you could go for a professional Tantric massage.

let our sexy massage heals you

let our sexy massage heals you

Serious Sexual Healing

For Men with an actual sexual problem, such as sexual trauma, Tantric massage can be an invaluable therapy with a unique and highly effective approach, as long as it is performed by a knowledgeable and professional practitioner.

In many cases, trying to resolve sexual trauma through a purely mental approach – such as psychotherapy – can be a long and difficult process for a man. Our sexual health has a strong grounding in purely physical and purely energetic and sometimes it is hard to understand where the problem is. The body simply doesn’t submit to the mind as much as we would like, and the mind can get lost itself.

A professional London Tantric massage takes a different approach to sexual healing – from the body. We get to the very core of your sexual being, leaving the mind aside. Tantric massage reconnects you to your body, cultivates your love and acceptance of it, empowers your sexual energy to its correct flow, brings its positive vibrations to cleanse and transform the negativity. In the process your mental-emotional patterns get positive radiation onto them and dissolve too. By going from her body to her mind, not the reverse, a man can make a shortcut to sexual healing.

Our masseuses have worked with various Men with serious sexual problerm who were undergoing a psychotherapy course parallel to our erotic massage therapy. It has worked very well in conjunction and their psychotherapists were impressed by fast progress and the sexual healing ability of Tantric massage for Men. However, we always make it clear that the value of Eros Tantric massage for sexual healing comes from the fact that our masseuse do not see herself as your therapist and you shouldn’t see this as your therapy, this is just a journey of exploration in a safe and supportive environment, to be enjoyed. We have no interest in making it an oficial clinical therapy, and it isn’t in your interests either.

Obviously, you have to choose a genuine practitioner who is professional and experienced. There are many fake Tantric massage and Erotic massage on offer in London and if you are not careful you may end up with a negative experience so take your time and choose carefully.

Naturally, this is not an easy step to take for the client and I am very aware of that. It takes a certain determination and courage from you, but We can promise you a highly respectful and careful approach to your particular circumstance and we can discuss the best option for you to begin with, such as some options in Your Comfort.

“I just want to thank you from my heart for everything you have done for me. For the first time in 1 year or so, I do not use any medication at all. Even better, I am able to do things I have not been able to do for years. Essentially I am a happy person, and I know I would never have gotten here without you. Really.”