History of the Erotic Massage

Dear readers, today, lets look back into old times and find out the history of erotic massage.

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Erotic Massages: The Yester-Years To Today

Today’s erotic massages are popular treatment among people and also are an important part of daily bedroom activities – it can take place as foreplay or carried out the sex act. It’s also a wonderful relaxation technique that lovers can use to feel comfortable and intimate with each other.

Erotic massages are ideal to attain sexual arousal, which is why the massage occurs on the erogenous zones of the body. Contrary to popular belief, erotic massages are not new. They’ve been done for some time but were highly secretive.

How Far Back Do Erotic Massages Go

Genital massages have been done as far back as the 17th century, usually carried out on women by a midwife or doctor. It was done until the woman orgasmed, and used to treat female hysteria. The treatment was popular for the doctors and women. Doctors knew women were not at risk, but treatment would have to be constant. It wasn’t uncommon for husbands to be asked if they would join the procedures, especially if it seemed it was taking too long for results to be seen.

erotic massage from japan

erotic massage from japan

The Emergence of Vibrators

When vibrators were invented, erotic massages got even more popular. The vibrators of today are significantly different from what was used back then, but they were just as effective and limited the treatment period to minutes. Around the 19th century, hydrotherapy devices (another kind of vibrator) were invented and used in America and Europe.

By 1870, doctors could easily attain a vibrator driven by clockwork. Before that though, an electromechanical vibrator was used in a French asylum.

Doctors would use vibrators as their go-to device for medical reasons, making sure the popularity of these devices stayed hidden. With the invention of electricity, the vibrator seen in today’s market has allowed sensual massages to become even more advanced. The vibrator, which was first advertised in 1918, is an important tool in erotic massages. The advancements that were made ensured a cheaper treatment option and could be done in the privacy of one’s bedroom.